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Expert Witness Testimony and Research for Trial

As a testifying expert witness for trial and one of the world’s best-known trendspotters, Scott Steinberg has served as trusted partner to the globe’s largest brands, businesses, and organizations in matters with billions of dollars at stake. Recently named the World’s Leading Business Strategist, and a 20+ year industry insider for hundreds of media outlets from CNN and USA Today to Rolling Stone and the Wall St. Journal, he helps partners stay ahead of emerging trends, and put the most complex matters in context. Looking for an experienced testifying expert witness to help make sense of pending matters, or explain best practices in terms of consumer- or business-to-business (B2B) focused solutions? We invite you to discover why myriad partners from AT&T to Accenture, Ford, eBay and IBM have turned to Scott and his team of renowned market researchers at FutureProof Strategies as a source of strategy and insight. From consulting and research work to prior art searches and expert testimony, reach out today to learn why the Fortune 500 routinely ranks us among today’s top futurists and trendsetters to follow.

Available to assist with matters of every size in a variety of different fields, we’ll work closely with your team to craft custom-designed solutions that work for your matter. Having served independently, or in partnership with outside research firms and expert services, just a few sample areas we provide support in include:

Among today’s most well-known testifying expert witnesses, as seen by over 1 billion people worldwide, bestselling author and analyst Scott Steinberg has been hailed by the Fortune 500 as one of today’s top trends experts. An industry insider for 600+ outlets from ABC, CBS and NBC to Newsweek and the Wall St. Journal, he’s served as an adviser for numerous brands from AT&T, Verizon, eBay and Ford to Microsoft, Allstate, and Intel.

The President and CEO of BIZDEV: The Intl. Association for Business Development and Strategic Planning™ and head of management consulting firm FutureProof Strategies, his website is www.AKeynoteSpeaker.com. Named one of America’s top futurists by the BBC and a “top trendsetter to follow” by Dell, this leading business insider and analyst has covered consumer, business, and lifestyle trends for hundreds of top publications from CNN to Rolling Stone.

An award-winning consultant to and business strategist for Fortune 500 businesses, non-profits, associations and educational institutes of every size, he's partnered with many leading enterprises to deliver game-changing leadership, education, and change management programs.

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